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Epsom Hospital and St Helier Hospital are due to lose their A&E, Maternity, Paediatrics, Intensive Care, Cancer Care, Coronary Care, Emergency Surgery and Emergency Medicine departments. Write to your local council TODAY.

NHS Chiefs have decided that Epsom Hospital AND St Helier Hospital should LOSE all of their Acute facilities.

This would include Accident and Emergency, Maternity, Paediatrics, Intensive Care, Cancer Care, Coronary Care, Emergency Surgery and Emergency Medicine departments, in favour of a new, much smaller, "Single Acute Facility", located adjacent to the Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital in Sutton.

If allowed to proceed, this would mean:

- Longer journeys for almost everyone
- Fewer hospital beds
- Fewer Consultant Doctors
- Massively increased ambulance workload and delays
- Nobody could arrive under their own steam, the only A&E admissions would be by emergency Ambulance or with a referral from your GP.

This proposal has been sneaked through during the biggest global pandemic in over 100 years, allowing no proper public or official scrutiny.

We have asked, repeatedly, and on camera, for ANY evidence that this proposal would improve outcomes or save money, and NONE has been provided - not a single shred of evidence exists.


Thousands have already signed our petition which opposes this proposal, and instead argues that we need to Protect, Maintain and Improve, BOTH Epsom Hospital AND St Helier Hospital, with ALL of their existing services, and we urge you to sign this petition, wherever you live. It can be found at

Local councils have a LEGAL DUTY to protect the health of ALL of their residents, so we are calling on ALL AFFECTED local authorities to carry out their LEGAL DUTY, and to REJECT this dangerous proposal in its entirety.

We are therefore asking EVERYONE who lives in any part of South West London or Surrey, to write to your council TODAY to demand that this ridiculous proposal be rejected.

We are *NOT* calling for ONE or OTHER of our *TWO* existing major acute hospitals to be retained in favour of the other, instead we DEMAND that BOTH of our existing hospitals be retained, in their ENTIRETY, to serve the populations for which they were originally built, or lives WILL BE LOST AS A RESULT.

You can read our detailed, evidence-based analysis of the IHT proposals here:

If *ANYONE* is suggesting to you that the loss of two major acute hospitals, in return for less than one, is somehow a good thing, they are EITHER STUPID OR LYING. ====================================================

Items referenced in the video:

The worrying aspirations of the Epsom & St Helier Trust ( BBC report from 5/11/2016 on the model which the IHT team have followed in this utter shambles):

20%+ of Epsom Hospital's Land and Buildings SOLD:

St Helier Hospital, plans to sell EVEN MORE land for housing: ====================================================

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