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KOSHH (Keep Our St Helier Hospital) Logos and Copyright Notice


The KOSHH Campaign asserts its moral right to be identified as the copyright holder of all content on this website (, including intellectual property rights, covering text, images and logos except where explicitly stated otherwise.


The KOSHH (Keep Our St Helier Hospital) Logos, and the name of the campaigning organisation.

The names KOSHH and Keep Our St Helier Hospital, the KOSHH logos, and any artwork or images created by the KOSHH campign, may not be used by any persons or organisations other than the KOSHH Campaign, or those given prior explicit authorisation to do so, in writing by the KOSHH steering group.


To seek permission to use the KOSHH logos, or any artwork created by the KOSHH campaign, published on this website, please e-mail otherwise you will fall foul of infringement of copyright©


The name Keep Our St Helier Hospital (KOSHH)

The names "Keep Our St Helier Hospital" and "KOSHH" have been continually in use by this group since 2013. Like the logos, the name is associated with the UK based campaign group. If the name is used publicly for any campaigning not associated with the KOSHH campaign, we ask you to make it clear that you have no affiliation to the KOSHH campaign in any publicity. This is to protect our current members and affiliates from any negative publicity or implications.


Creative Commons Licence

Although all content from the KOSHH website may be shared (except the KOSHH logos) we demand acknowledgement of any content that is shared through prominently stating the KOSHH web address in reference or as the source.


If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at



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