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Update on our meeting with Merton CCG!

Update on our meeting with Merton CCG!


KOSHH campaigners had planned to meet with Merton CCG on 13 October. However, we have decided to postpone the meeting until after the Merton CCG has release its public response to the Epsom-St Helier Estates Review document.

Click here to read the document for yourself.

In September, we expressed concerns after the Merton CCG AGM. In particular, we are worried about the CCG's response to the Estates Review document as well as its inability to guarantee the future of any local hospitals. Click here to read about our concerns following the AGM.

At the AGM, it was encouraging that Merton CCG promised to release a public statement on the Estates Review in November. We believe it will be more constructive to meet with Merton CCG after they have made public their response to the Estates Review, a document KOSHH campaigners believe represents a threat to services at our local hospitals.

So, the ball is in Merton CCG's court. We await the November release of their response to the Estates Review. We also urge all CCGs that make decisions affecting Epsom and St Helier Hospitals to make public their response to this potentially game-changing document.

And, if need be, we will meet with all relevant CCGs to discuss the future of our hospitals in the wake of the Estates Review. South West London Collaborative Commissioning, over to you now...

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