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Epsom Hospital Land And Buildings SOLD

On Friday the 15th of March 2019, the Epsom & St Helier Trust announced that they had sold at least 20% of the land and buildings of Epsom Hospital.

Local people had already clearly articulated that the NHS land should not be sold, but if it must be, whatever purpose the land were sold for, should include social housing and social care.

However, it seems that the Epsom & St Helier Trust have negotiated a deal with insurance giant, Legal & General, for £18.5 million, but it appears that the Trust have managed to secure NOT A SINGLE CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION that this land should be used for this purpose.

Worse, it was revealed that this price was not even the highest amount which was offered - indeed they proudly boast that they turned down an offer for "Nearly forty million pounds".

So, the Trust didn't ensure that the land would be used as requested, they secured no contractual obligation on the future use of the land, and they didn't even get the best price for this publicly owned NHS land.

The Trust also plan to sell a large part of land at St Helier Hospital during 2019/20. We cannot allow any more of our NHS property to be sold off.

There's much more to come on this story, so do please check back for subsequent parts in this series.

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