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On the 23rd of April 2017, a number of KOSHH campaigners attended the CWU conference in Bournemouth.

KOSHH Steering Group member, Dave Ash, proposed an excellent motion on the NHS, on behalf of the South London, Surrey and North Hampshire Branch.

Soon, very soon, we will all face a stark choice. Go along to a skid-row NHS, where you might be dead by the time you are seen, or take out private health insurance, which most of us will not be able to afford.

The motion was passed unanimously, by over a thousand people present at the event, who in turn represent tens of thousands of ordinary people, who might one day need the NHS for themselves or for their family.

We will soon be going to the polls to vote for our next Government in the UK. Please make sure that whoever you choose to vote for is willing to sign up to the following five demands, that the NHS must be:

1. Publicly Provided by directly employed staff
2. Publicly Accountable by restoring the Health Secretary's "Duty to provide"
3. Publicly Funded through general taxation
4. Free at the point of clinical need
5. Comprehensive and Universal

If you care about the future of the NHS, and the candidate will not demand all of the above, don't offer them your vote. #VoteNHS

KOSHH would like to express our thanks for the ongoing support for our campaign and ultimately our NHS, from the CWU, both nationally and from our local branch.

Conference footage kindly provided by CWU TV.

If you would like to find out more about the threat to both your local hospital, and the wider NHS, and learn what you can do to help, KOSHH are holding a public meeting in Morden on the 22nd of May, and everyone is welcome. Find more details here:

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