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Paul Scully actively pursuing the CLOSURE of St Helier Hospital

Paul Scully, the Conservative MP for Sutton and Cheam is actively pursuing the closure of St Helier Hospital, in order to build a replacement "Facility" on the site of the former Sutton Hospital.


He believes that a replacement for a full Acute hospital can be built, on a site which has always been deemed too small for a major acute hospital, for as little as £75 million - where in reality a new build of similar scale is likely to cost upwards of £500m.

And that's not to mention the fact that St Helier is twinned with Epsom Hospital in Surrey, and the Chief Executive of the trust, considers the two hospitals as one.

Might we be about to witness a plan to close BOTH Epsom AND St Helier hospital, which serve over half a million patients, and replace them with a glorified first aid centre, costing only £75m?

Whatever the plan, be certain to think of the NHS when you vote. Your decision could determine the future of your NHS.



Please share this video, to make sure that the people of Sutton and Cheam know what sort of man they have as their current representative in Parliament.

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