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Why are the government so keen to close our hospitals?

Why are your current Government so keen to close your local hospital?

Could it be that the sinister plan is to close down "expensive" services such as Accident and Emergency, and to relocate and consolidate the more "profitable" elective services in fewer centralised locations?

in this shocking video, you will see the MP for Sutton and Cheam reveal more than perhaps he intended to.

Firstly he makes it clear that he is arguing for the closure of St Helier Hospital, in favour of building a new centre on the former Sutton Hospital site. The former Sutton Hospital site was always deemed too small to house a full "Acute" hospital, and recently a portion of the land it stands on was sold off to build a secondary school. Furthermore it isn't located in a suitable location to serve the people currently served by St Helier.

Secondly, he seems to suggest that building a replacement for St Helier Hospital would cost only £75 million - a breathtaking claim. Might this figure give a clue as to what such a "replacement" would consist of (i.e. not very much, and certainly not a full "Acute" hospital as St Helier currently is).

Thirdly, in an apparent attempt to engineer a recruitment crisis for the Epsom and St Helier Trust, while simultaneously discrediting the hard work of the wonderful NHS staff at the Trust, he suggests that Junior Doctors about to qualify, would not want to work there, as they would want to be where the "action" is, at St George's Hospital in Tooting - suggesting that there isn't currently any "action" at St Helier, which is regularly one of the busiest and one of the best performing and safest Trusts in the entire English NHS.

Please share this video, to make sure that the people of Sutton and Cheam know what sort of man they have as their current representative in Parliament.

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