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The Great NHS Heist Film is now FREE to watch until Thursday the 12th of December 2019

We have some amazing news!
Our friends at the production team of the best film of 2019, The Great NHS Heist, have taken the decision to make their new film, available to watch, for free, and in full, until thursday the 12th of December 2019.

It is really important that every single person in the United Kingdom sees this film BEFORE they cast their vote.

See the post below from the production team at The Great NHS Heist:

Given the imminent threat to the NHS we have decided to give free access to The Great NHS Heist film, in the run up to the General Election.

Information is the lifeblood of democracy & to this end we hope this film will help you decide how to vote and become active citizens in the defence of the NHS.

This film is part of the fight to recover our NHS. Please support our future work Donate here:

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