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Video: Jeremy Hunt finally admits the direction of travel for your NHS

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has gone on the record, and given a flavour of his intentions for the NHS.


Scroll down for the video.

This clip, recorded at a Health Select Committee, oral evidence session, and in it, Mr Hunt has explained his intended direction of travel for your health service, as "moving forward" towards a system like that employed by United States based HMO (Health Maintenance Organisation), Kaiser Permanenté.

The Five Year Forward View (5YFV) calls for a move toward what are being described as "Accountable Care Organisations" (ACOs), which are broadly the same idea as HMOs.

Jeremy Hunt makes a direct (glowing) reference to Kaiser Permanenté, so this clip talks a little about that organisation, and gives a little background info on how these HMOs work.

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Regular followers of this campaign may also recognise the name Kaiser Permanenté, as at a board meeting in June 2015, Daniel Elkeles, the Chief Executive of Epsom & St Helier Hospitals Trust, had bragged that he had been showing a "chap from Kaiser Permanenté" around Epsom Hospital, and that this "chap" had been very impressed with the new signs they had installed.

As it seems a little odd that an employee from the biggest HMO in the USA would fly all the way across the Atlantic, in order to visit Epsom Hospital to see it's new signs, KOSHH queried this with the Trust:

Tweet about Kaiser Permanenté and Daniel Elkeles 3

The response from the trust read:

"This was an informal meeting to share and compare insights and experience"

We sought further information about what the above statement actually means, but it was not forthcoming.

We were of course not reassured by this.

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