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IMPORTANT! Diary Date: 19th of March 2016 – “Buildings for our future – the next steps in our estates review”

On the 19th of March 2016 at:

Come along to hear chief executive of Epsom & St Helier Hospitals Trust, Daniel Elkeles talk about the future of our hospital buildings.

Mr Elkeles' previous job was Senior Responsible Officer in the largest hospital closure programme in NHS history, North West London's "Shaping a Healthier Future". This programme has wasted millions, and will endanger lives. Read more about this deepy flawed programme by clicking here

Cover - Independent healthcare commission report - SaHF

Campaigners are still fighting to have those disastrous closure plans overturned.

Epsom and St Helier Trust say they want to know what we want from our hospital buildings.

KOSHH says that having hospitals in the communities they were built to serve would be a good starting place. St Helier Hospital was built to serve, what was at the time, the largest public housing estate in Europe.

The population the hospital serves has grown hugely since then and it is currently increasing faster than many other areas. We, in our area are already woefully short of beds, we can not afford to have any fewer.

KOSHH says that we need to expand hospital provision to properly treat the growing population. We say that we certainly should not be demolishing hospitals and selling off the land to property developers.

Once land is lost from the NHS, it will never be replaced. Come along and and let them know what you want.

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