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KOSHH supports junior doctors on strike day #5 (06/04/2016)

KOSHH Campaigners went to today's picket line outside St Helier Hospital to support the junior doctors in their struggle and were joined by representatives of Merton & Sutton TUC.

Once more the weather was foul, but it'll take more than inclement weather to stop this group of determined folk.

The level of support from the general public was great, with a good proportion of the passing vehicles sounding their horns as they passed, giving a thumbs up, or cheering. A packed bus stopped and the passengers asked for KOSHH window signs. We even had to make a quick re-supply trip to fetch more stock.

The junior doctors have the support of their profession, other trade unions, and the general public.

Not a single Member of Parliament, or local Councillor was there to show their support, not even for a brief photo opportunity. Please make sure you remember this when the next election comes along and any of these claim to be "fighting for St Helier Hospital", but couldn't even be bothered to turn up when it matters:

  • Tom Brake - MP for Carshalton & Wallington
  • Siobhain McDonagh - MP for Mitcham and Morden
  • Paul Scully - MP for Sutton and Cheam
  • Stephen Hammond - MP for Wimbledon



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