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Video: STP Team Haven’t Done Their Homework

The South West London Sustainability and Transformation Plan is calling for the reduction of "Acute Sites" (hospitals) in South West London, from 5, down to 4 or even 3, with Epsom & St Helier hospitals already very high on the list for cuts.

On the 18th of January 2017, the South West London Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee held a meeting in Merton Civic Centre, and they had invited the people responsible for promoting the South West London STP (Sustainability and Transformation Plan).

KOSHH were there, and managed to ask a question, which revealed that the STP promotion team really had not done their homework - they didn't know that one of the hospitals in their "footprint" area had announced that they were going to relocate both of their mental health wards to a hospital outside of the footprint, a car journey of 17 miles, or a 2 hour trip on public transport.

The STP summary document, says that "More care will be available in your community", and that "Your mental and physical health will be treated together", but neither of these appears to be true. The STP has not even been enacted yet, and they have already begin hollowing out services in our hospitals.

Download the South West London STP Summary document by clicking above.


Furthermore, if the STP promotion team are not even aware of the loss of ALL mental health beds, in one of the hospitals in their footprint, how can we be assured that they know any of the other relevant details, and how are the Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee supposed to scrutinise their plans?



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