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  • Sat

    Croydon Assembly

    10:30Ruskin House, 23 Coombe Road, Croydon, CR0 1BD


    With the political system at national and local level clearly broken, it's time for working people to seize the initiative and draw up their own proposals to make things work in their interests.


    That's the purpose of this Saturday's fifth Croydon Assembly. Our aim is to draw up a People's Plan for Croydon that puts people in charge of the key decisions and to take that out into the local communities.


    We are excluded and effectively disenfranchised - by Croydon Council, NHS bureaucrats, train companies and, naturally, by central government.


    Take Brexit. All the Tories plan to do is listen to big business and the banks. Our voice counts for nothing and that's what we have to change if we are to achieve a democracy that counts for something.


    So, if you haven't yet registered for the Assembly, please do so by following this link and share it with your contacts.

    For more news of the Assembly please link to:

    Attached is flyer.


    Hope to see you on Saturday.


    Ted Knight,



    Chair, Croydon Assembly


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