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Grapevine: Epsom & St. Helier Trust to end year with big deficit

This is a breaking news item, and may be subject to updates.

We understand from the grapevine that the Epsom & St Helier Trust is currently likely to record a significant end of year financial deficit, perhaps as much as 28 million pounds.


We must stress that we cannot yet be sure of the authenticity of this information, so at this stage we are merely reporting the existence of a rumour.

If however this turns out to be true, we can only guess that the trust will be keen to make significant savings (cuts).

Also if true, St Helier would certainly not be the only NHS Trust to have been given significantly less funding than they need - this is after all part of the government's plan to run down the NHS.

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Updated: 29/02/2016 — 15:50

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