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Where do this MPs loyalties lie?

Further to our recent post, which explained that MP for Sutton and Cheam, Paul Scully, who did not turn up on either of the recent junior doctors' picket lines, was due to attend a ceremony at a private hospital in the constituency, it would appear that he did indeed attend.

Spire St Anthony's hospital are nearing completion of a new complex, including six new operating theatres, and it would appear that Mr Scully was there to mark and celebrate this stage of work, with a "topping out" ceremony on Friday the 26th of February 2016.




Licensed to drill? Paul Scully MP with Melvin Robson of Spire Healthcare

For absolute clarity, while KOSHH of course object to the existence of a private health facility in the UK, on a matter of principle, on this particular matter, our concern is not with Spire Healthcare.

Our objection is that if the local MP can find the time to attend a ceremony to celebrate the "achievement" of a private company adding to its already significant portfolio, why did Mr Scully also choose not to offer his support to the junior doctors, many of whom will be constituents of his, and any of whom may at any time be called upon to save the life of a constituent.

Perhaps Mr Scully feels he must be loyal to his Conservative Party colleague, Jeremy Hunt, who has allegedly misled parliament on more than one occasion on this matter.

It's seems like Mr Scully would do well to review his priorities.

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