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KOSHH Public Meeting – 8pm, 12th November, Epsom

Public Meeting:
8pm Tuesday the 12th of November 2019
Epsom Methodist Church, Ashley Road, Epsom, KT18 5AQ

Plans are in place to remove ALL Acute services including A&E, Maternity, Paediatrics, Intensive Care, Cancer Care, Cornary Care and Emergency Medicine from BOTH Epsom AND St Helier hospitals.

Prime Minister Johnson recently appeared on TV and gave the impression that the Government are going to provide funding for six NHS projects, including one centred around the Epsom & St Helier Trust. The headline on the front page of Sunday the 29th of September 2019's Sunday Telegraph even says "Johnson: I will build 40 new hospitals".

Some have assumed from this, that what has been promised in our area is a new hospital. This is simply not true, and we can prove it!

The pledge is not money for a new hospital, but the process by which they intend to downgrade two major Acute hospitals, and offer us less than one in their place.

On offer is ONLY a new "acute facility", not a hospital.

If this is allowed, Epsom and St Helier would NO LONGER BE ACUTE HOSPITALS. This could happen as soon as next year!

Any substitute facility would not be ready until 2026...if ever

The proposed new "acute facility" would be located on one site instead of two, therefore further away from most people, meaning longer journey times in all emergency situations. This would have a detrimental impact on outcomes, and we believe will result in people dying as a result.

The proposed new "acute facility" would be:
- Smaller
- Have Fewer beds
- Be served by fewer Consultants
- Located on one site, instead of the two we currently benefit from
- Would only be accessible via Ambulance
- Would be further away from most people

The Epsom & St Helier Trust have already begun selling off their land and buildings, with 20% of Epsom Hospital already sold for luxury housing, and plans to make similar sales of land and buildings at St Helier Hospital during 2019-2020.


Come along to find out what we can do to stop this.

With expert guest speakers Dr Bob Gill & Dr Paul Hobday.

We can win this fight.
We Must win this fight
We WILL win this fight... Together.

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