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Tory MP, Paul Scully to celebrate with private hospital

Only a week since Conservative health Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced his intention to impose a new contract upon NHS junior doctors, and the Sutton Guardian have reported that Conservative MP for Sutton and Cheam, Paul Scully intends to attend a "topping out" ceremony to celebrate the building of a new facility at a private hospital in the borough.

Paul Scully MP.jpg

KOSHH campaigners were present at both of the recent junior doctors picket lines, to show our support for the junior doctors, and we certainly didn't see Mr Scully turn up to lend his support.

Perhaps Mr Scully thinks that the private health care sector is more deserving of his support than the junior doctors, currently under attack by his colleague, Jeremy Hunt?

A few questions for Mr Scully:

  1. Once Mr Hunt has completed his goal of driving away a large proportion of junior doctors, exactly where does Mr Scully think the future staff at Spire St Anthony's, are going to complete their training?
  2. Does Mr Scully think that attending this ceremony at a private hospital, while his party is wreaking havoc in our NHS was really a sensible idea, and how does he think junior doctors will feel about this!
  3. How does Mr Scully think the electorate of Sutton and Cheam will feel, knowing that their representative in Parliament thinks it's appropriate to celebrate with the private healthcare sector, which few of us can afford, while his colleague Mr Hunt is busy damaging the NHS on which we all depend?

A clipping from the Sutton Guardian of the 18th of February 2016:

Scully celebrates private health sector




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