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Video: BBC prevented from covering a protest – Again.

As we reported here on 07/02/2016, the BBC have in the past been accused of not covering protests. On this particular occasion however it seems that the decision was taken not by the BBC, but instead by the authorities within Parliament.

During today's lunchtime news coverage, the BBC's Norman Smith was in the process of reporting live from the central lobby within Parliament, and was told that he was not permitted to film while a protest was going on, and his live broadcast was terminated.

Meanwhile, protesters from DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts) were also in the lobby, and were making their protest about cuts and "changes" to disabled people's benefits.

Please see a clip of the event below, along with a segment from Newswatch in 2013. Norman Smith was again involved in a similar situation when he was reporting outside the Conservative Party conference in Manchester - he was told he was not permitted to film the protesters, as the largest protest which Manchester had ever seen passed by.



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