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Junior doctors’ industrial action – Latest update

The British Medical Association have published the latest news on the ongoing junior doctors' dispute, and the planned industrial action as outlined below.

As stated previously (on numerous occasions), KOSHH fully supports the junior doctors in this action. You never know when you might rely on a junior doctor to save the life of you, or a loved one, and we feel that it is only right to give them our support during this difficult time:

Latest update

"The Government has chosen to impose a new contract on junior doctors, ignoring the BMA's concerns about the impact of imposition on morale and the already worsening recruitment and retention crisis in the ranks of junior doctors.

As a result, further dates of industrial action are planned for:

6 to 8 April 2016 - Emergency care only between 8am on Wednesday 6 April and 8am on Friday 8 April (48 hours)

26 and 27 April 2016 - Full withdrawal of labour between the hours of 8am and 5pm on Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 April (18 hours in total)

As a result of the continued refusal by the government to step back from its decision to impose a new contract on junior doctors and resolve the dispute by re-entering talks, industrial action scheduled for 26 April will change from 48-hour emergency care only to a full withdrawal of labour by junior doctors between the hours stated above. Other doctors and staff will continue to provide care during this time."


Read the full statement from the British Medical Association here.

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